I am a practicing artist alongside my full-time teaching job at Farnborough Hill.  I was recently very busy on a commission to paint a heritage map for Worplesdon Parish Council.  This is to celebrate the Queens Diamond Jubilee, and I completed the work at the end of February.  The map can be seen in Worplesdon Village Hall

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Rosemary Pocock

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Poppy Cottage.tif fluorescent fish.tif agapanthus.tif geranium border ll.tif Pink lily pond mall.tif wild irises.jpg Farnborough Hill.tif Lily pond with bench.tif moonlit wood.tif multicoloured fish.jpg dragonflies.tif peacock on thistles.jpg multicoloured koi.jpg wall.jpg orangerie.tif orange fish in blue.jpg Bluebell Wood.jpg landscape.jpg pot.jpg Reflection Lily Pond.jpg peony border.tif mandarin duck.jpg baby portrait.jpg pair of Mandarin ducks.tif multicoloured koi.jpg gate.jpg davinas ducks.tif after rain.tif cottage with irises.tif Peacock Butterfly l.tif peregrine.jpg lillies.jpg