I am a practicing artist alongside my full-time teaching job at Farnborough Hill.  I was recently very busy on a commission to paint a heritage map for Worplesdon Parish Council.  This is to celebrate the Queens Diamond Jubilee, and I completed the work at the end of February.  The map can be seen in Worplesdon Village Hall

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Pushing paint around……

The juxtaposition of elements that form that inspiring vision is unique to every artist. I never know when it will happen.

 I am always seeing ideas for paintings and actually end up only painting a few.

My inspiration is not restricted to any particular subject matter.  I often feel that I am not that original but as time goes by who cares?

I love all media and do not restrict myself in any way and use acrylic, oil, watercolour pencil, chalks…..

Painting or drawing sends me, like a meditation it absorbs my conscious thought when I am working and lifts the spirit.

I feel truly engaged and true to myself in the process of pushing colours around with a brush on canvas, or making a pencil reveal its depth of shadow.

The molecules are rearranged by the artist to their own vision; the infinite possibilities make each artist unique.  I am always inspired by both my students, and by the work of more well-known practitioners’.

I am often drawn to the depiction of nature, or being true to nature and enjoy achieving detail.

My aim is to also lose control a little more to allow myself to leave an area of random or unfinished brushwork…………this I find difficult!

I have thoroughly enjoyed my most recent commission…the Worplesdon Heritage Map.

I enjoyed having a brief, but was also encouraged to make it my own. (Thanks to Davina, Paul, Gaynor and the rest of the committee)

The Map combined both man-made and natural elements, which I have always found inspirational.

This has been a recurring theme of man and nature together.  Usually I have focused on the beauty of this union, as in the cottage and water lily paintings.

A future intension is to express my feelings of the less idealised union of human destruction of wildlife habitat and the encroachment of humans and their debris on the worlds other inhabitants.

My daughter also wants a picture painted of her in her prom outfit.

At college I made mainly portraits and I am excited about getting back into that again.

I feel very optimistic about my work.

I feel so lucky to have this……whatever it is!

I feel it tugging at me if I leave it alone for too long.

As I get older I judge myself less harshly and have found that to be true to oneself is the most motivating force.

Long may it continue, and that I also continue to inspire my students in their own work.

I hope you enjoy the paintings…..